• Thought Forms, Seems Press 2006. Out of Print

  • Vehicles of the Ancients, Kayrock Screenprinting, 2008, Out of Print

Tabloid Projects

  • Rajneesh Things is a twelve page black and white tabloid containing articles, artwork, and interviews based in investigations of the material culture of the Rajneesh Movement, founded by charismatic guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh a.k.a. Osho.  Purchase Rajneesh Things

  • Devotional Goods catalogs works created in 2010-2012 in concert with exhibitions in New Mexico and Oregon in 2012. This tabloid size edition contains black and white images of work from the Devotional Goods series. Essay by Jesse Bransford. Purchase Devotional Goods


  • Tales From the Secret Sidewalk, from Frozen Tears II, Edited by John Russell, 2003. Click here for text

  • The Canyon Is Possessed, from Frozen Tears III, Edited by John Russell, 2007. Click here for text

  • My First Time, Edited by Chris Duncan, AP Press, 2007